TLC - Maryland Department of Transportation

Navigating Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) was presented on Tuesday, April 16, 2018. The training dealt with the following information and can be viewed by clicking on each part.

Part 1 Welcome and Older Driver Safety
Karen Winkowski, administrator, Harford County Office of Aging
Nanette Schieke, chief, driver safety division, MDOT
  • Older driver overview
  • Resources for older driver safety
  • Importance of older driver safety
  • Empower drivers with knowledge, tools and resources to continue driving as long as possible
  • Risks with age
  • Increase in aging drivers
  • Likelihood of crashes for aging drivers
  • Likely crash types for aging drivers
  • Competing tasks while driving
  • Vehicle technology
  • Medical review process
  • Silver alert
  • Law enforcement referrals
  • Law enforcement tips
  • Options/resources for a “nervous” adult
  • Maryland’s Resource Guide for aging drivers
  • Survey and post-survey results
  • Additional resources
  • Driving continuum

Part 2 Medically At Risk Drivers
Gina C. Pervall, MD, Chief Medical Advisory Board, MDOT MVA
  • Overview of medically at-risk drivers
  • Medically at-risk drivers definition
  • Medical review process
  • Medical advisory board
  • MVA testing
  • Healthcare provider’s role

Part 3 Driver Rehabilitation Services
Carol Wheatley OT R/L, CDRS MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital
  • Overview of Driver Rehabilitation Services
  • Functional deficits and the implications for driving.
  • Know the indicators
  • Driver rehabilitation process
  • Adaptive driving equipment
  • Coordination between driver rehabilitation and the MVA
  • Resources

Part 4 Driver Rehabilitation continued
Keesha Aiken, driver rehabilitation specialist
  • Additional driver rehabilitation information
  • Conclusions; questions and answers